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Wish List



ALL Women should be spoiled!!

It a fact that I am definitely no different, I am a Woman AND a Mistress of My household, this where I am always feathering the nest. Some submissive's like to do more than others and that is fine with me.

But you may be wondering how can you make yourself stand out as a submissive?

As a Mistress I get many, many pleas for servitude and what matters the most is intelligence and level of submissiveness.

Nevertheless, what can you possibly do to make yourself a better choice? FIRST, you should familiarize yourself within  My About MS Pam and Inner Chamber pages.

Then, you might choose to give Me a gift.

My submissive's know that this Mistress adores being spoiled and pampered as part of their servitude.


A gift can make you stand out, along with other things. There is NO one that should not be capable, willing and desiring to provide little things on a "constant" basis, such as; candles, panties, stockings, jewelry, perfume, lotions, flowers (love them), a day at a spa (manicure, pedicure, massage, etc.), fine dining, lingerie (Oh I look so good), wonderful shoes, erotic kinky BDSM toys (I can never have enough), AND nice letters, poetry, or even drawings if you have that talent.

All gifts do not have to be expensive, but they should be worthy of Me. A heartfelt one can go a long way in My book!

I adore essays on your ideas of what submission is. If you cannot or are not willing and desiring of this, then do NOT waste My time or yours darling... these are My rules, My way or Go away. If you feel ready to please Me in this way then write to Me and ask Me how. And remember it is the individual giving it that makes it a good gift too, with devotion, sincerity and loyalty. 

Gift certificates are always considered very appropriate by me. Some of my favorite choices would be: Victoria's Secret or Fredrick's of Hollywood. Other things that would please Me very much, but are not intended as everyday kinds of things are:

Computer Software


Fetish Wear


Fetish Toys


Personal Items


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