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My interests include many techniques but are not limited to:

CBT and nipple torture Whipping / OTK Spanking Verbal degradation / Humiliation / Public Scenes Slut training Forced feminization/X-Dressing Hot Wax Leg, foot and boot worship Water sports including enemas, showers, toilet training (see below) Light/Moderate Bondage Most forms of dominant role-play Face slapping Spitting Cuckold fantasies

My Pro Interests do not include:

Sexual Intercourse!

So don't ask!

SEX. I am not an escort and I do not do "full service". I do not do body worship that would involve parts of my anatomy covered by a bikini bottom.

Those type of activities are reserved for my lifestyle play partners. So get it straight I don't care how good your tongue may be, it will not touch any part of my body except my boots!

SEVERE PHYSICAL TORTURE.. I'm just not into risking serious damage to anyone. Though I believe in testing your limits, I do not do certain activities that could inflict permanent damage.
SCAT and Blood Play. I just don't do it. If you don't know what it is go to Deviants Dictionary


The best way to request a session is by e-mail. I have a brief questionnaire that I ask you to complete. It allows me to get in touch with a glimpse of you. Once you have answered my questionnaire, I will follow up with a phone inquiry. I check my e-mail quite frequently, but if you do not receive a response within 24 hours, or if you are interested in more immediate availability, you may contact me by phone at 602-750-1358.If You call with Caller ID turned off: I will not answer!

Click here for the questionnaire and to send me an email.

For in-depth phone consultations, phone sessions, and counseling, click the button below:

I take appointments Monday-Friday from 11 am-7 pm and Saturdays from 3pm-8pm. Please contact me for scheduling.

My Phoenix, AZ play space is in my home with a host of implements of torture and restraints, including paddles, canes, whips, weights, gags, hoods and much more.

My Bed Chamber with it's atmosphere that is truly enchanting. Complete with large bondage table, a stallion spanking horse, padded wall rack, and sling.

The Goddess Chamber is stocked with a suspension unit, parallel whipping posts, leather sling, bondage table, and cage.

For my sissy sluts and maids, I always encourage my girls to bring something special to wear just for me. But for completing that special outfit, a well stocked closet is home to some very lovely ladies' attire including dresses, wigs, lingerie and a make-up station.

My interests include the following:

Bondage: Elaborate Japanese Rope Bondage * Mummification * Inescapable Bondage * Western Bondage

Tortures: including those inflicted with: Whips * Cats * Floggers * Leather and Wooden Paddles * Riding Crops * Canes * Buggy Whips * Tickling * Clamps * Clips * Electro-stimulation * Fire/Cigarette Burning

Spankings: Bare Hand Spanking * Over The Knee Spanking * Gloved Spanking * Spankings with Wooden and Leather Paddles * Hairbrush Spanking

Breath-Control including: * Strangulation * Smothering

Humiliation including: Slapping * Spitting * Human Ashtray * Trampling * Sustenance

Transformations including: Cross-Dressing * Maid Training

Genital/Cock and Ball Torture: including use of clips, clamps, weights, rope ties, leather ties, kicking, stomping, electro-stimulation

Nipple Torture: with clips, clamps, weights, or my very own sharp fingernails!

Fetishes: Foot * Shoe, Heels, Boot * Stockings/Garters * Pantyhose * Panty * Latex * Leather * PVC * Smoking * Food * Inanimate objects/ personas including robots

Mental bondage: Psychological exploration * Psychodrama * Role-play



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