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slut training
Absolute Control



Sissy slut slave training manual

Written by: Ms. Pam



This slave-training manual is designed as a two-week preparatory course to initiate sissy slut slaves into a lifestyle more befitting their status in life. Mental, physical and emotional preparation is necessary before further, more advanced training commences. Sincere, devoted slut slaves have the opportunity, via this manual, to demonstrate their obedience and submissiveness before me, Supreme Mistress Bitch. Outstanding slut slave students may well eventually be chosen for hands-on Domination, Control and Training as part of their continuing education and training. All slaves are urged to undergo further intensive training via continuing study of more advanced slut slave training manuals.

Day One

Today will be a Sunday Ė we need a full day to immerse you in the joys of your new life under MY STRICT CONTROL. You should already have, or be in the process of getting, the following items (do not start without the bulk of items on this list slut!):

  • - An all holes exposed dungeon slut slave outfit

  • - A black lace bodysuit

  • - A four pack of sheer to the waist black pantyhose

  • - A slave collar

  • - A pair of nipple clamps

  • - A dildo

  • - A butt plug

  • - A packet of wooden clothes pegs

  • - Red or pink nail polish

  • - Nair or similar hair removing creams

  • - A few pairs of sexy black stockings

  • - At least two pairs of black lace panties

  • - A small, inexpensive makeup kit



  • - A saucy, sluttish little maidís outfit

  • - High heels

  • - Wig

  • - More slutty lingerie

Right, we will commence. For the duration of this manual I, Ms. Pam, assume the role of your Superior Mistress and Owner. You are to follow this sissy slut slave-training manual to the letter, to the very letter slave!!! Ė and then you WILL do as instructed in the final chapter.

Today, as I have already said, is Sunday. You will have the whole day before you slut Ė your first glorious, deliriously exciting day as my little sissy slut slave in training. Really let yourself go little one, surrender yourself to meÖ I am a Mistress like no other.

You should be playing with your silly little sissy clitty as you read this. Self-arousal is actively encouraged under my Command. After all, a horny slut slave is a more submissive and obedient slut slave. The purpose of this manual is to commence the process of your enslavement to ME!

Yes, sit there, read MY MANUAL, view MY PHOTOS, play with your little thing Ė itís obvious what you are darlingÖ just look at how excited you become at the thought of being Ms. Pamís little sissy slut slave. You canít help yourself, can you slut? Well thatís okay by me, just fine in fact Ė I love slut slaves so perverted and depraved the pathetic little things canít help themselves, get all carried away, lost in it. Those are my very favorite slut slaves of all!

Oh! What a laugh Ė on you slave! Donít you think I know how hard your little sissy clitty is right now? Craving me, aching for me, needing me, dreaming about me Ė it already belongs to me slut! Get used to it.

Even my forceful side turns you on, doesnít it slut? Turns you on to a helpless jelly mess of submissive slut slave desire. Just think of being leashed and down at my Superior Boots, licking and kissing in Worship, Adoration, in slavish Devotion. Just think of me squatting on your silly slut slave face to piss right in your slut mouth. Yes Ė youíre almost crying in desperate need right now, arenít you?

Well snap out of it slut Ė thereís a long way to go yet. First things first: take the next hour, two hours, whatever it requires, to fully shave your body of hair. Do not return to your manual until then. Go on Ė NOW!

Right, you should now be fully shaved slave, feeling all extra femme for your Mistress. This is good Ė you need to tap right into your female side over the coming two weeks little one. It is a necessary stage in your proper development and education. Donít resist my training; surrender to it. See where it leads. Donít be scaredÖ Ms. Pam will protect you little one. I give my proper sissy sluts all the special care they need.

Rule One: no Cumming. For this two week period, you will not orgasm slave. You should not only be shaved right now Ė you should be dressed in your dungeon slut slave outfit, your slave collar, stockings, high heels if you have them, and your toenails should be painted a nice sluttish red or hot girlie pink. If you have not already done so, you will experiment with the makeup kit. Donít worry about mistakes Ė Ms. Pam knows Her special girls need guidance and patient training here.

Look at yourself in the mirror, walk around, play with your clitty, stroke yourself, isnít it wonderful being a little sissy slut slave for your beloved Ms. Pam? Feel that fresh, femme, hairless skin Ė doesnít it make you feel so different? So much more feminine inside? The collar Ė yes, we can see what you are, canít we slave?

Now I want you to kneel on the floor, over a towel. Have some lube handy. Keep your training manual open for reference. Have a photo of Me or my sluts on your computer screen to gaze at in humble slut slave need. Now grease yourself up and lower yourself on to the dildo for me. Feel me sliding inside you slut. Yes Ė stroke your clitty sensuously. Really get into it darling, let yourself go for me. Moan and sigh and pant for me. Yes. Feel that aching little cockette? Well that belongs to me slut! Feel that slut-hole stuffed full of rubber cock? Well that belongs to me too slut! Gaze at my gorgeous photo Ė yes, stare, understand, acceptÖ You Belong To Me.

Take the nipple clamps and attach them to each nipple. Let a hand feel your slave collar. Yes Ė your collar. Collared like a pet. Leave those clamps on slave, play with yourself, study your manual, gaze at my photos, do not stop fucking yourself either! But do not cum! Now tell me what you are slave, confess to me what you are. Tell me youíre nothing but a little sissy slut slave and you belong to me. Tell your beloved Ms. Pam you love Her. Take yourself to the very brink slut, the very brink, time and time again, and mutter those sweet words for me. Tell me you love me, tell me you need me, and tell me you canít help it.

You will continue this form of subtle torment and conditioning for between half and one hour. This is your first baptism into my world: the seeds of craven slut slave need must be sown early and cultivated strongly to reap a pleasurable harvest. Like you Ė yes you silly, the sissy slut slave down on the floor fucking herself stupid with nipple clamps on, a slave collar. What are you Ė tell me. I want to hear it slut!

Good. You are desperate, horny, vulnerable, trainable Ė ready for us to commence. Read and re-read the following paragraphs closely. This is your new sissy slut life for ME!

Each night you shall wear the black lace bodysuit and a pair of sheer black pantyhose to bed, together with your slave collar. You may have some restlessness in sleep, but the nightlong arousal and conditioning is what matters here. You should go to bed dressed, feeling, thinking and being my good little sissy slut slave; you should be fully erect and aching for ME, you should be kept so aroused your dreams are of cravings for ME; when you wake each morning you should wake feeling feminine, submissive, soft, vulnerable, and a truly depraved little slut slave for your Mistress.

On weeknights, when you return from work, unless you have some family engagement on, you will strip upon entering your home and dress in the dungeon slut slave outfit. You will keep your toenails permanently painted a slut red or girlie hot pink. At least two nights each week you will practice with your makeup kit. On weekends, both Sundays and Saturdays, you will find time to wear makeup too.

You will keep your body shaved free of hair from now on. For the first week, you shall wear panties beneath your normal work clothes. You will use the dildo at least once per day for at least half an hour, arousing yourself simultaneously because I want my little slut to love it, hunger for it, need it like a little bitch in heat for me. You will also wear the butt plug for half an hour each day (for example, butt plug in mornings, dildo at nights or vice versa). You will also wear your nipple clamps at least once per day for me.

Now, slave, you will sit down and begin the first of many emails you will send me this fortnight. Let me know how much youíve enjoyed this first day under my control. Tell me your little slut slave feelings and fears, confess everything to me. A proper slave has no secrets from her Mistress you know. Tell me everything slut!

Now, take it easy. Enjoy your day here slave. Enjoy your night. Remember: black lace bodysuit and pantyhose at bedtime, plus your slave collar little pet.. Feeling all sheer and sexy, horny, feminine, slinkyÖ throbbing and aching and fantasizing to thoughts of your new Ms. Pam! Sweet dreams little one. 

Days Two through Six

Morning slave! Yes Ė you make sure you open your sissy slut slave-training manual first thing each day. Gaze at my photos slut! Adore me! Need me! Dressed from bed, how cute, lingerie and slave collar. You really are my little pet arenít you?

Now, letís get into a proper routine here girlie. You will wear your lingerie and collar for as long as possible each morning. When you need to shower and dress for work, you will strip, insert the butt plug, attach your nipple clamps, and hand wash your nightwear lingerie. Leave it to dry in the open somewhere Ė dainty lingerie hanging around the bedroom adds a lovely feminine intimate touch, donít you think?

Now, you can do it Ė thatís a good slave girl for me. Yes, shower and dress and off to work. Did you remember to pack your sissy slut slave-training manual in your briefcase little one? Yes: that, your panties and shaved skin should help you constantly remember what you really are. Ms. Pamís little sissy slut slave.

Home are we? Good. Quick Ė strip off those horrible boy clothes. Youíre not really a man at all, are you? Skin shaved smooth and femme, a pair of pretty panties, toenails painted a slutty red. And now youíre headed for a quick shower and a dungeon slut outfit and stockings and your little slave collarÖ and look at that thing between your legs, itís loving every second of it! Thatís right Ė you canít hide the truth from your Mistress, slave. Dressed all pretty for Her, horny, Sheís been on your mind all day, in your dreams last night, and now youíre almost bursting to write Her about your first day at work as Her slut slave property and the changes in your little slut slave life now, with Her training and guidance, and how you miss Her and dream about all those lovely things youíll do together as Mistress and sissy slut slave. Donít just gush girlie Ė make a list and then type it out, tell me what needs to be said here. Try to contain your slut slave excitement.

You will follow this routine all this week; you will grow day by day more used to your new routine. Your new lifestyle. There are no other orders except for this one: during the week, at nights, donít be afraid to spend time on the internet, chat to other sissy slut slave girls like yourself, visit appropriate sites, download particularly arousing and interesting photos Ė share all your thoughts and feelings with me in your emails through the week.


Our first weekend together slave, after the initial phase of feminization and sissification. This morning we step up your training. Itís time you got used to the other areas a proper slut slave should reasonably expect to be trained in by her Owner.

Lay a towel out on the floor, before the computer screen, place the slave manual before you little one. Play with your clitty, thatís right slut Ė Ms. Pamís little bimbo slut slave, all horny and helpless and just perfect for further training. Have the dildo, your butt plug, nipple clamps, the clothes pegs, a wooden spoon or ruler, and a length of string, a shoelace or something similar ready. If youíve been a good slut slave through the week you should have downloaded suitable visual material to assist further in your slut slave training. Let us commence little one.

Saturday morning, our first week almost over, the little slut is progressing admirably in her feminization training. But Ms. Pam, as you will discover, is a stickler for a well-rounded training program. Right slave Ė grease your slut-hole for me, slide that butt plug inside yourself for ME! Your body belongs to me pet. I own it like I own you slave. Never forget that. Thrill, sigh, and gasp to the thrill of your helplessness before me, your delicious helplessness. Take it in slut, feel me inside you. Your Mistress. Your Owner. Fucking you! My little fuck slut!

Go on Ė get that plug up your slut arse bitch! On hands and knees now slut! Now suck and lick and worship that dildo for me. Thatís right slut Ė perform bitch. Iíll beat you if you donít. Then again, I might beat you even if you do. I own you Ė Iíll do whatever I like. My little slut, dressed so slutty, a plug up her slut arsehole, sucking like a depraved whore on a cock-like dildo, and doing it for me, with the need to obey and please me in her mind, her heart, her pathetic cock, feeling her Glorious Ms. Pam inside her always. Click up a photo you downloaded on your computer screen slut. Choose a transvestite slut slave just like you, but more advanced in her training. Yeah Ė a slut with a mouthful of cock for her Mistress. Stare at it slut! Stare at the slut Ė because she is you little one. Keep sucking that dildo bitch! In and out, do a good job on it for me, keep staring at the photo little one, now keep playing with your clitty and go dreamy slutty slavey inside for me, and dream thatís a real cock in your mouth for me, feel it, taste it, lick your lips for it slut! Feel it spasm and spurt in your slut mouth, down your slut throat. Ms. Pamís little cumslut! Ms. Pam is going to teach you what you are really good for slut and you will learn to love and need it for me slut!

Now slave Ė settle a little. Donít I make you so terrible slut slave hot and desperate for ME? That need little one, that raw craving, the throb, the ache, thatís what and why I train a sissy slut slave to be and do.

Put your nipple clamps on slave. Leave the plug inside yourself. Twist the clamps gently from time to time, enough to make yourself uncomfortable, wince. Keep doing it slave. Now attach all those wooden pegs over your little slave cock and ball-sack. Now take the shoelace or whatever you have and tie it very very tightly around your genitals, with the pegs still on. Genital bondage. Make your silly clitty all hard again for me slut. I want to know, I want to see, that you truly enjoy suffering for me. Now lie down on the towel and spend the next ten or so minutes playing with yourself in different ways. Try to touch your silly hard clitty through all those clothes pegs, feel how they bite more when disturbed, twist those little boy-girl nipple clamps for me now. Twist and twist the other way and twist again for me slave. Roll over on your tummy pet, press your groin into the floor for me, grab those nipple clamps at the same time, feel that plug still up your hole and listen up: YOU BELONG TO ME SLUT!

When all those pegs and the clamps grow too uncomfortable, I order you to endure a little extra for me slave, as you pick up the wooden spoon or ruler and use it to whack yourself on your slut arse in three sets of five. And make them count slut! Thatís three sets of five to each cheek little one Ė donít cheat. Go on Ė the sooner you administer your punishment the sooner you can remove the clamps and pegs and by now agonizing genital bondage. I am enjoying this slave.

A bit sore are we girlie? Never mind Ė youíll get used to it slut. Rub your sore nipples and little genitals better again Ė if I was there I might even do that part for my cute little slut slave. As long as she was always totally obedient of course.

Lie back down. That poor abused hole of yours Ė I havenít finished with it yet slut. Dildo yourself now slave, fuck yourself, play with your little sore clitty until itís all hard and throbbing again for me. Such a good little slut slave for me.

Imagine licking my Superior boots for over half an hour in adoration. What slave joy! Imagine being down on my leash little one Ė youíll love it so much down there for me. Donít stop fucking yourself slave, use that dildo girl, go on, yes, play with your swollen slave clitty for me, ache for me, need me slut,

Open your mouth, dream of me lowering my gorgeous sex to your lips, and pissing inside you. My piss slut. Iíll make you drink every last drop slut. Learn your proper place beneath me slave! How little and silly and helpless and weak you feel as my warm nectar floods your mouth, and yet how excited you are, as you play with your clitty for my amusement, such a total slut slave you pant for more, and confess your love for me for the millionth time, and thank me for the honour of using you as my piss slave. Such a total sissy slut slave, Iíll think to myself, as I order you to lick clean the last few drops. I will teach you to love me like you have never loved another Mistress before. So intense, so beautiful, so wonderful and magicalÖ

But itís not enough yet slave. Ms. Pam wants more now. Pull up a nice photo on your computer screen of a sissy slut slave being disciplined. Yes Ė gaze, stare. Isnít she a good little sissy slut slave letting her Mistress shackle her up like that for proper discipline? Yes, such a good little slave girl. A dream to own. Donít you want to be a good little slave girl like her? I know you do little one. Are you still playing with your clitty? Good girl. Or did I nearly send you over the top with that gorgeous vision of life as my piss slave? Now slut, stare at that photo. Discipline, punishment, suffering, correction, therapy Ė these things help a sissy slut slave become a more obedient, docile, humble, submissive and pleasurable creature to own.

Donít worry little one Ė Ms. Pam is here for you now, here to hold you tight if you hurt too much sometimes. Yes, in my arms little one. Now pick up the wooden spoon or ruler or what have you there. Keep playing with yourself slut. Nice and hard. Think of me! Being my boot slut, my piss slut, my dildo slut, my cock-sucking slut, my caged slut. Get really excited and super submissive for me little one. And then stop playing with yourself and slap your clitty smartly five or six times. Until it goes down soft like a tiny shriveled worm. Now play with yourself again slut.

Use some lubrication, rub it in, ease the stinging, think of me, feel your collar around your neck Ė yes, I own you slut! Arenít you happy? Thatís a good slave girl, get all hot again, now pick the spoon up again Ė yes, another five or six very smart strokes. But donít stop there Ė you can then deliver two or three rather smart whacks to your tiny ball-sack slutl. Now do it all over again, one more time. At the end arouse your silly worm once more and stare at my picture and thank me for training you the right way. Quick Ė check the email. Your Mistress might have written you!

Yes, you will come to secretly crave and cherish our weekends together from now on little slave. Have you checked your email yet? Mmm Ė a special photo of your Ms. Pam. Doing these things to yourself Ė itís just not the same is it slave? No. Thereís something missing. Me! Can you feel it? Yes, thatís right, feel it deeply little one, that craving for it to be real, that craving to have your Mistress there to Dominate and Control you. Keep you right down in your slut slave place.

Now youíve had some early morning training, you will do your housework. If you have a pert little maidís outfit, you will wear that, without panties. As you clean your flat you will think of me, Ms. Pam, your beloved Mistress Bitch, and imagine serving in such an exposed manner before myself and some girlfriends.

Housework finished? Good. Why not cook a nice dinner and have a little something to calm your nerves little one. Perhaps a little sip of champagne, to celebrate a milestone, the end of your first week as Ms. Pamís slut slave. Now, tonightís exercise is to write a short story based around your first meeting with Ms. Pam.

Youíve taken a flexi-day on the Monday, traveled over on the Friday night, and you are spending Friday evening to early Monday evening as a complete sissy slut slave. Really let yourself go slave Ė do it in two parts if you have to. Have you read the slut slave story on MY site yet? Isnít that a beautiful ending, with Mistress hugging her little slut slave? Yes, it made you go all dreamy inside, didnít it? Mistress hugging you tight and telling you what a good little whore slut youíve been for Her as She puts you to bed for the night. Under lock and key.

What special things would you like with Mistress? What special things can you include which establish special bonds between you and your new Mistress? Memorable and special training which affects you deeply. Think carefully over your story slave: it should be a continuation of this manual, the continuation of your training and education. It should further Ms. Pamís control over you.

Yes, thatís it little one. Settle in there. Ready to start? Oh, a little confession first, is there? Good girl Ė what a very good girl. It is such confessions which show sincerity and true interest. Tell Ms. Pam now little one, thatís a good slave. ďMs. Pam, I know I sometimes a naughty sissy slut slave, probably because I havenít had proper sissy slut slave training for so long, and in case I ever stuff you around again, I would like to say to you that the easiest way to prevent this is to simply call direct and be very belittling, demanding, dominant and insistent. Make me kneel and play with myself and say yes to whatever You say.Ē

Thatís right Ė no chance to back out this time little one. You write this story tonight, another week of training, and thenÖ you will go to your Mistress if She asks you to, for the proper training you so badly need.


This morning you will sit down and write an email to ME! In it you will beg, plead and grovel for the honour of wearing a fine chain and padlock around your slut slave genitals. Week one is over. In week two my Dominant Control over you must increase slave. Finish this email this morning and send it. Spend the rest of the day finishing the story from Saturday. Now follow the Saturday morning treatment over again for me Ė I want to know my little sissy slut slave is hurting, suffering for me, ready to take my gifts of pain.

Cruise the internet today, download some photos, of tv slut slaves and other slaves in true submission to their Owners. Comment on them, share these photos with your Mistress, your little slut slave responses, feelings, arousals and fears. I demand total honesty and openness! Do it!

This week you will follow the same weekday routines as last week. But this week I want you writing me emails every single night, telling me what you will do for me as my sissy slut slave, what you will take, what you need, what you dream of. Instead of resisting the inevitable slave, I want you to embrace it, ask for it, plead for it, beg to have it. Would you like Ms. Pam to call some nights when you're all horny and desperate and pathetic, and make you confess what you are over the phone, feel that growing sense of intimacy and closeness arising, the bonds establishing between Mistress and slut slave? Yes, how lovely. We need to break those pockets of resistance down, donít we little one?

You have to get used to being open and honest about your desires and needs. Relax, enjoy yourself slut Ė listen to Me, to my Superior voice, telling you how you will suck cocks for Me, how you will serve as My personal piss slut, how you will be disciplined and tormented, how you will be humiliated and trained to accept your place down beneath My Superior Boots. You will lick My boots slut, you will lick My arse, you will worship My breasts, My pussy, My whole world. You will crawl on a leash, you will be used as a fuck slut, you will be chained up like a pet, you will be made to eat from a dog bowl, you will be thoroughly taught you are nothing more than a little sissy slut slave who is Owned by ME!

You know I have started My new site. Think up a weekend long picture shoot. I get dominant pleasure, you get the training and release you need Ė and Iíll have some lovely new photos for My members section. And you will finally experience the erotic thrill of a lifestyle Mistress who enjoys displaying you for what you are Ė slut! Iím going to enjoy your humiliation and shame little one.

Are you a special slut slave for Me? Why not ask, then, for something very special? Think about it little one. Wouldnít you like to prove your sissy slut slave devotion to Me when we first meet? Go on, you know what I mean Ė ask for it. Donít be frightened.

Just think of that poor abused sissy slut slave clitty between your legs this Sunday, two weeks of denial, two weeks of slut slave lust-love for Me, a desperate inner hunger to submit to Me, Ms. Pam. My voice on the phone. That need, growing and growing.

Yes, confess to me little one. Iíll listen. You do want to be My piss slut, donít you? My slut slave, My dungeon pain slut, My boot slut, My obedient little pet, My pathetic little arse-licking whore slut who needs to be kept right down in their place! Dream of it sweetie, dream of it, let yourself go for Me Ė Ms. Pam is here now. You have nothing to worry about. Hands-on training is simply the next natural progression for you slave. Imagine Ė three days of it. Never ending feminized slut slavery. You want it, you need it, and I, Ms. Pam, will ensure you receive it slut. Letís plan our first meeting ASAP now, shall we?


Iím inside your head slave, inside your little worthless slut slave cockette, inside your slave girl heart Ė Ms. Pam is going to teach you a rare and special love little one. Hurry, finish off what needs to be done Ė I canít wait for the next part. And neither can you, right slave?


The End


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