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"I am a true Dominant Lifestyle "Domme!"

I am NOT a fulltime Professional Mistress.

The definition of a Lifestyle Domme is different from one woman to another. For this Domme it means that She lives it, 24/7, that Her home is run by a stable of slaves or D/s lifestyle partners, and etc. I determine the order that gets conducted.

What I want you to do here? Well that is to read what's real about my lifestyle and my personal system of doing things! Particularly that's appropriate if you desire to serve Me?

This Domme is about true servitude, not just tying you down, spanking your unworthy ass and sending you on your way, when I am finished, even though that can be quite fun.

So you should trust when I say that I can be your wildest dream come true, or the cruelest Woman of your nightmares. Your going to choose which aspect of my personality you want to see?

Either way, you will never forget being allowed to serve Me. Make absolutely certain you know what you are talking about when you say you are seeking a Lifestyle Mistress."

When I want it and decide to allow it, I am served in My own home, which has no dungeon per-se or black shiny equipment. I live what I call a alternate D/s Lifestyle that is done in real-time!

"So You want to know more about Me?

What is it that you think you need to know about my personal lifestyle? There are different answers for that set of questions, I'm sure these are on your mind, no doubt! What you have to realize though, this does depend clearly on the person asking such questions! Namely that's you and within your own motives and intentions I will offer you an understanding about?

I will tell you what I want you to know, here and now. Right up front and if that isn't good enough for you, well then you should choose to move on elsewhere  " darling! "

For this Domme; it  means that She lives her dreams, 24/7, within her chosen lifestyle and that Her home is run by a stable of slaves and D/s lifestyle partners, and etc. I have but a few very choice positions or openings in my home for people who want to serve Me!

I also am willing to see novice or experienced  submissive as training clients too. There are just a few choice time slots for these type of people available!

This particular woman is oriented comfortable between both concepts of the private lifestyle Domme and Professional Mistress. It is a great combination of personal relationships and personal services I offer! These are within my offerings and that's about supporting my lifestyle, it is where, when and how I express my dominance with anybody.

Labeling yourself as a Lifestyle Mistress means you can alter it's definition dynamically and to fit your own personal life. It means that I live this in a way, in that it pleases Me personally, that fits within My life's circumstances, and that revolves around my schedule and my interests. It's not only convenient, but fulfilling for Me on very personal levels too.

I do NOT agree too, or arrange anything around your schedule or time-table, so don't ask for it or don't expect it.  It is not realistic to think that way or to be expected of ME! Not really outside what I think would be due courtesy or any consideration I would choose to offer!

You're dictating any terms for an association with Me, and inside my lifestyle. That would be considered unacceptable. Well I don't allow that type of inconsiderate control, not coming from any type of submissive who desires to serve Me personally!

I live a normal but clearly alternate lifestyle as a reality and that's on the most part and within a typical home, where I have my own  career, family and friends. Well these people are paramount within my inner circle and personal support structures really. These people are already appropriately oriented within my private life's interests.

Nevertheless, I do demand that the people I spend "private" time with? These person's be submissive by their nature and realize My Superiority as a Female is what they best desire too. You will serve my clear welfare and within your own personal expectations " You want to Serve Me why?"  How do you fit in with us, and as my alternative family life is the  paramount reason to go here, now that is the real question? I will want answered about how you fit in!


Person information and personal profile!

"I am a Beautiful, Intelligent, Erotic, Voluptuous, Witty, Emotionally Mature and  Strict, Dominant Woman and I am living here in Phoenix, AZ.  I am 40 yrs old, 5'11" tall with long brown hair and hazel eyes. I have smooth fare skin that always shines and smells delicious.

You will get the opportunity to see some pictures of Me on My Gallery page. If you are lucky enough to be considered for servitude, you will see more than just pictures of Ms. Pam, You will not address me as Mistress,  Definitely not before you meet with my bare minimum requirements to be allow to address me that way. I suggest you take this as a warning. Don't address a letter to Dear Mistress! I am Ms. Pam to you right now!

I believe in being very clean and feminine within My dominance. That is enough about My looks for now."  Lets get familiar with my predominant and feminine demeanor!

"Curious submissive(s) always want to know how long I have been doing this? How I got started and what I enjoy doing? I have been a  Dominant Personality My whole life through in one way or another really. I was born with a strong personality that demands clear control within my life's circumstances. I have been agreeing to see submissive(s) for about 7 years, but I've participated in areas of this D/s lifestyle for several before that. There are many things that please Me! This where I choose to participate with BDSM Lifestyle people and/or observe that D/s construct personally. It mostly depends on the individual I am with and what has been negotiated. I am an extremist, proving  many times within my enacting D/s & BDSM Scenarios what I like. I take everything to its edge when possible and within mutually agreed upon limits, where I always observe those nonetheless. I believe in touch of all forms through; pleasure and pain. But, I know that does not soothe some of your curiosity. So, a few of My favorites BDSM Methodologies are listed below. 

  •  The first thing that pleases Me is seeing a male surrender his power

  •  I love seeing my slaves  living within their servitude in whatever way I see fit.

  •  I enjoy Erotic Restraint, Sensual Domination, Submissive Endurance and Mind Play.

  •  Spanking, whipping, caning, paddling, crops, beating, pinching, kicking, slapping, hair pulling.

  •  Bondage, tying, restraints, rope, bungee, cuffs, collars, blindfolds, gags.

  •  Cock and ball torture, nipple torture.

  •  Body worship (ass, foot, etc.).

  •  ASS play, dildos, vibrators, strap-on, anal plugs.

  •  Verbal humiliation, boot worship, tongue fetish, g/s, orgasm control, play piercing.

Other personal things that I enjoy are reading, fine dinning, cooking,  art, psychology, shopping, traveling, working out, movies, camping, long drives, music and dancing.

So, you think you want to serve ME? You think you can please Me, or satisfy Me! That you can obey My every command? You want to give over your power and do this for Me? You want to put your personal safety, emotional heath and mental state in My hands? You want to hand over control of your body, mind and soul to Me to play with or destroy as I choose? I DOUBT IT! And the odds are you can't do that really! That should get rid of about 90% of the fakes and wannabe's who want to play the wrong kind of games with me. I've had enough of that really!

For the rest of you who still believe: you realistically can serve as a submissive slave, that you know how to treat this mature and dominant woman the way She wants and deserves.....Ha-Ha!! I say prove it, if you think you can really!

Let Me be sweet for a moment and give you a little clue, I mean into the way I look at this...that is why you are reading this isn't it?

Or all I will say otherwise to you; is so what and who cares? Seek them out will you please to play your head trip with them? In what I don't need or want anything to do with!

I am NOT a fulltime Professional Dominatrix, therefore, I am not trying to run a business with slaves running in and out, yanking their little pathetic weenies, waving a dollar and begging a Superior Female to spank them on their ugly and wimpy asses!

Don't get me wrong here: I have the UTMOST respect for the Women who do that, its just not for this particular Femdom. I am a Lifestyle Domme! Which means I can say no to anyone I want too. Any time I want too, I can turn you down for no particular reason other than the fact that it's what I want to do if you're unworthy. I accept who I want, when I want, how I want and for why I want it!

It only takes a few excellent, and truly trust worthy submissive(s) to serve Me. I have no need for a house full of half ass and clueless wimps. I have no real tolerance for people who want to top from the bottom really. I love what I do, it excites Me, it turns Me on, thatís why I do it! But, I do it My way and within my clear terms to be associated in my life only.

Let Me tell you exactly what I'm looking for in a submissive/slave. Just by saying you are submissive, that does not make you one, in my opinion. Nor will that demonstrate much to this Dominant Woman really. As I will always be the judge of what qualities you have as a submissive, in that event and where I find you desirable if at all? It is where I look for mature intelligence first and foremost!!!! I choose extremely intelligent males and females! See, if otherwise they will have no idea what they are truly seeking or talking about. Thus no hope of keeping up with Me in a conversation about the D/s community or BDSM methodologies employed within sexualities I play into.

Other than intelligence I look for wit, charm, attractiveness, lack of inhibitions, honesty, loyalty  within your expectations, physically fitness and bravery. In fact I adore individuals that work out, nothing gets Me hotter than fit triceps, thighs and a tight butt. I like confidence, eagerness, willingness, personal capability within an individual's ambitions. I respect, a level of submissiveness, within passion, as a desire to please, obsessively CLEAN, well groomed, obedient and I very like within a given submissive within an unrelenting craving in their gut to adore and serve ME!

  • It would be advisable to be good at something and be able to demonstrate a skill-set personally.

  • Can you clean or contribute to organizing my household?

  • Can you cook a gourmet breakfast, lunch or dinner for Me?

  • Are you great at giving massages or soothing my body?

  • Can you fix up My my yard and flower garden for Me,

  • Can you build a new bondage toy that is useful?

  • Can you write a poem that stirs Me personally or maybe write an essay on being a submissive?

  • Can you provide something special for Me?

Everyone is good at something, make your abilities stand out.

  • Are you willing to see Me when I want to see you and not when you want to see me?

  • Are you willing to put My pleasure before everything, especially your own?

  • Are you capable and desiring to spoil Me as Woman in the ways I want to be pampered?

  • Can you endure the test of time and provide what I want, in hopes of someday the will result in getting what you want, as that is how I would qualify you're deserve it, only then will it happen?

Above all else, I look at personal attitude and within a man or a woman that knows what he or she wants really? It is important to tests their willingness to do just about anything to have it, including beg. I look for someone that will share sincerely their emotions, dreams and fears. Someone open-minded enough to ask the right questions, and that's about breeding the right type of conversation, that takes us to a level we didn't know we could reach together as Mistress/slave. I only accept D/s relationships on a interpersonal level, that most people fail to comprehend really, Much less could ever hope to achieve on interpersonal levels. A submissive should never be demanding or complaining to me that I don't make them happy within their expectations.


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