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So you found your way to my personal area, did you?

~ My Views On Dominance ~

Much of my philosophy of dominance is a direct reflection of my views from my time as a woman and within my life’s experiences. If you want to read more of my words on various aspects of that, please go on reading!

Rather than attempting to further my life as a woman and submissive to men, something that no longer draws me to men, I've chosen to only delve into my dominant traits, to expand them without any confusion about my real  nature. I can no longer see myself submitting my emotions, mind and body to a dominant male. I'm most assuredly in full dominant mode, with no desire to experience more than the occasional bottoming for the endorphin rush through sexual intercourse. Furthermore, that would only be with those whom I already know and trust to assist me in achieving that state.  Even here it would be from a dominant point of view.  I choose when, I choose how and I choose where and why.

What? You're still reading!? GOOD! The following are highly personal viewpoints, ones I firmly believe on. Even still, they are personal opinions.

A submissive is not somehow "less" than a dominant, nor is a dominant any greater or better than a submissive. It's not possible to be a practicing dominant if you don't have a submissive and vice versa!        Therefore, if I need some sort of relationship with a submissive for my dominant side to be satisfied, why would I look down on the male who chose consensually chooses to submit to me? I do espouse the goddess or superior mentality I see in parts the female dominant genre. Being female doesn't make me superior exclusively, just different in a way that, when I express it in dominance over a male, this satisfies a craving in both my male playmates and myself.

There are two things I've read that struck a deep chord in me. "Why would I want to dominate someone I considered inferior to me? Where's the satisfaction in that?" I agree wholeheartedly. So the other thing I now like to say is I prefer a submissive to be "equal in status, subservient in his role".

Let's see... *grin* I'm 5'11", about 200 pounds, have auburn hair, hazel eyes, and a killer smile. My Phoenix, AZ  area residence is a small 2 bedroom home. My Bedroom was converted to my Inner Chamber and completed on Jan 2005. I live with my submissive partner and my 2 very social dogs as my furbabies,

As well as being a lifestyle dominant, I also do this professionally and part-time for a carefully picked and a few very special set of clients.  I've become active in the local "scene" or group, Femdom Dreams is my domain and I am proud to be it's founding member.

I like going to movies, a good action adventure or martial arts flick will catch my interest at any time. Although I'm a finicky eater, I like to discover new-to-me restaurants and patronize those that I like. Comedy clubs are great places to frequent, just something about laughing for what seems like hours puts me in a wonderful mood. I love walking around in the flee Markets and would like to go to the IMAX theatre. Even riding the trolley to the end of the line and back is something I consider fun. Playing with my dogs or digging into the fantasies of the submissive mind, cutting up and joking with friends, going to science fiction/fantasy conventions, these are all things that I enjoy.

My dislikes are for anything more than minimal alcohol consumption, drug use (this includes smoking "pot"), those who actively dislike dogs or cats. I detest superior (condescending) attitudes, perfectionists, supposedly submissive men with a long list of things I should do to them or allow them to do for me (especially when they write within sexual details outside what's asked for), and probably a few others that aren't coming to mind at the moment.

I listen to some classic rock, primarily alternative and "pop" music. I can just barely tolerate most country but not rap. Classical and new-age makes good background music but isn't one of my choices when I turn on the stereo.

I seldom wear cosmetics (preference) or high heeled shoes, the latter because I have lower back problems. As much as I wish my wardrobe were more extensive (especially the fetish wear) I prefer to spend discretionary money on toys over clothing. At least for now. I try to keep my hair and I like getting a pedicure.


  You want even more personal information?

Shame on you! Alright, alright!



Well, although I've covered some of this in the Training area or (see the link Interests) I'll give a different and more personal perspective, here.
If a submissive wants to please me, emotionally, they'll have a degree of imaginativeness and will be able to respond to questions like "What would you like to experience, today?" without being wishy- washy. Initiative also means offering service before it's requested. I don't always require that my coffee be served from a kneeling position, but if the submissive wants to do so because HE enjoys it, I will enjoy the service. I always enjoy my feet being caressed and massaged, not necessarily as an act of foot worship, but service done out of a desire to please me. Actually, a massage from a friend is almost always welcome, be it of feet, neck or back.
***If you remember that there was once more intimate information about me here, your memory is correct. I took it out because of the type of email it seemed to encourage.

True submissive's are always a joy to find. By using the term “submissive's”, I am referring to those who are willing to subvert their own personal desires for the greater joy of pleasing a mistress by fulfilling her wishes. I have a wide variety of interests in the scene, and I enjoy the opportunity to explore new slaves, expand their limits, and try new toys and techniques on willing victims. I also appreciate the servitude of my slaves who ask nothing in return for the privilege of pleasing me and enriching my life through their efforts.


  Did someone say:

Masochists & Fetish Slaves?



Masochists are another great pleasure in my life. I especially enjoy playing with those who respond to pain as if it were pleasure. For those special people, no part of the body is off-limits to my cruel attentions. With whips, clips, clamps, electro-torture, floggers, single-tails, rope, leather bondage gear, weights, manacles, and a variety of more arcane instruments, I enjoy torturing and tormenting slaves until they think they can bear no more, and then perhaps a bit further. Marks are desirable, but not necessary.

Fetish slaves are also a welcome addition to my diet. The fetishes I most enjoy include high heels, boots, corsetry, fur, feathers, leather, latex, and other sensation-based fetishes. I have extremely soft, sensitive skin, and I derive great pleasure from wearing articles of fetish clothing that provide a variety of sensations. I love the look of very high-heels, sheer seamed-stockings, and sleek, form-fitting clothing that has been custom-made to fit like a second skin.

I would also include bondage among my fetishes, and most fetish clothing is bondage related. It pleases me to render slaves completely helpless using simple or complex rope bondage. For those who have no appreciation for the feeling of being slowly but completely incapacitated by rope, I also have a variety of leather harnesses and restraints, hoods, arm-binders, gloves, etc.



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